Steve Oundo, Bassist & Singer-songwriter | Boston Singer-songwriter Photographer

First things first. The title of this blog post is a bit misleading. So let me clear this up for you: Steve Oundo is a MULTI-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, arranger and producer who hails from Uganda, but now lives here in Boston. I couldn't put all of that in the title.

Steve is a humble guy, so he'll blush when I say this, but anyone who knows him and has played music with him will tell you that he is a KILLIN' musician. He plays keys and guitar, but his primary instrument is electric bass. And singing? Yeah. He's equally skilled there, too. I'm gushing about Steve, because I know him personally and have played with him myself. I can attest that these things are true. 

His new album, "The Traveler", drops on May 23rd. It's world/fusion/R&B.

Check him out! Have a listen!

The shoot.

I work on location, as opposed to in a studio. This means that me and my (wonderful & amazing) assistant are constantly lugging around my lighting gear to different shoot locations. Most of the time, I won't know exactly what I'm walking into before hand at any given location. I won't necessarily know much about the space or the quality of the ambient light before I arrive. As such, my shoots tend to be very think-on-your-feet type situations. 

We started off indoors at a home that Steve shares with some roommates. I looked at a few different rooms within his home, but I really liked the color of the walls in the dining room; Steve's skin tone and white clothing would look nice against that color, so I decided to do the indoor portion of the shoot there. It was a small space, but we made it work.

When we were finished with the indoor shots, we packed up all of the gear except for one light and one soft box on a stick.

We wanted to change it up and get an urban look for some of the images. I'd spotted an office park close by on the way to Steve's home, so the three of us walked the short distance there and came across a loading dock that wasn't in use. 

Congrats on your new album, Steve! See you at your CD release party!

Ada Ruiz, Boston Hip Hop Artist | Boston Hip Hop Artist Photographer

Ada Ruiz reached out to me to create some press & promo images. The entire shoot took place in her apartment on a very cold, snowy Boston winter day.

Here are some favorites:

Shot in Ada's living room.

Shot in Ada's living room.

Shot on the balcony porch.

Shot on the balcony porch.

Shot in the basement.

Shot in the basement.

Shot in the basement.

Shot in the basement.

Shot in the basement.

Shot in the basement.


Towards the end of the shoot, we had some time to play and experiment...and this is what happened: 

Shot in the basement.

Shot in the basement.

Best wishes in all of your endeavors, Ada!

And many thanks to Cinthia Espinal for the amazing makeup and hair. 

Scott Mahoney, Singer-songwriter | Boston Music Photographer

Singer-songwriter Scott Mahoney reached out to me to create a variety of fresh, new promotional images for his upcoming album release.  

Here are some favorites from the shoot:

© Sarahmica Photography | Scott Mahoney 8005.jpg
© Sarahmica Photography | Scott Mahoney 8014.jpg
© Sarahmica Photography | Scott Mahoney 8106.jpg

Scott was wonderful to work with. Good-natured and up for anything I asked him to do. He put his trust in me, and for that I am thankful. Making compelling portraits is a collaboration between subject and photographer. When the subject is willing, the possibilities are nearly endless, the work is incredibly satisfying, and everyone is happy with the final product.

© Sarahmica Photography | Scott Mahoney-8034.jpg
© Sarahmica Photography | Scott Mahoney 8080.jpg

Thank you for choosing me to create your new promo images, Scott. It was a pleasure.

© Sarahmica Photography | Scott Mahoney 8051.jpg

A big thank you to Kasidy Kersey for assisting me on this shoot. 

© Sarahmica Photography | Scott Mahoney 8059.jpg

 And, of course, huge thanks to the owners of The Castlebar for letting us do the shoot there!

The Incomparable Mr. Wallace | Boston Music Portrait Photographer

I did a quick, impromptu shoot in January for my good friend and Boston musician extraordinaire, Pat Wallace (aka Trick Wallce). The shoot took place in his apartment in Cambridge.

Here are a few favorites from the shoot:

The above images were lit, of course.

But the image below was taken outdoors in natural light. There's something about it that I just love. I should note that it was a very overcast day; snow clouds were abundant, which made for some nice, diffused, even light. 

I think it's his slightly strained expression that I love. I shot this in a hurry so as not to treat my willing subject too cruelly, as it was very cold and blustery. I'm sure he was thinking something along the lines of  "The things I do for this girl!" or "Hurry up, it's COLD!" and an expletive or two. Whatever it was, it came across. Just a simple split second, with no fancy lighting, but it reads, you know? Anyway, I dig it. 

When I decide to convert an image to black & white, I sometimes have a difficult time choosing between it and the original color version. Often, the choice is obvious. But sometimes it isn't. When I can't decide I ask my husband, who is completely objective and knows absolutely nothing about photography. Which is great, because he can then give me a visceral, gut reaction perspective. We were both stumped on the above image, so I decided to share both.   

On a personal note:  My title for this post includes the adjective "incomparable". I chose that word deliberately. My husband and I have known Pat for years and we both agree  - as I'm sure that all who know him would also agree - that he is the real deal. A true friend. Committed, honest, selfless, and so very generous with the thing that matters most...his time. These qualities do not go unnoticed.

He has a significant birthday coming up very soon. Happy birthday, Mr. Wallace! We celebrate your friendship, your presence in our lives!

Molly Crafts, Singer | Boston Music Photographer

Last month I was hired to create a few press/promo images for a young, up and coming singer. Molly Crafts is only 14 years old, yet she has a smokey, bluesy sound mature beyond her years. A fledgling singer with immense raw talent, Molly is currently honing and polishing her craft while recording songs in preparation for the launch of her online presence. 

The theme for this shoot was "dreamy and ethereal". The shoot took place in a small apartment in Cambridge.

Here are some favorites: