Hello. I'm Sarah Micaela Snape of Sarahmica Photography. 

(That's pronounced Sarah-MEE-kuh, by the way.)

First and foremost, I am a Photographer of People, a portrait photographer to the core...but I tend to specialize in photographing musicians, artists and creatives. 


Music is in my blood. I'm a musician myself - a jazz singer and Berklee College of Music alumna. My wonderful husband, whom I met at Berklee, is a professional musician and a BEAST of a jazz pianist. Many of my friends happen to be musicians. In other words, I'm very at home doing what I do!

I am based in Boston, MA and work strictly 'on-location' photographing people in a way that is striking, compelling, dramatic, yet true. I thrill at each opportunity to create and collaborate, making press and promo portraits for musicians, artists and other creative professionals, as well as those who simply desire the more dramatic, editorial-style portraiture I'm known for.


Having my second baby in the Fall of 2018 made me a mother of “2 under 2”, which is absolutely wonderful and lovely…but a little crazy. I am a mother first and a photographer second. As such, I have decided to take on only a few commissions per year. If you're interested in booking a shoot, please get in touch and tell me about it, and I’ll see if I can accommodate you!