A Photo Story: Waypoint Adventure | Boston Documentary Photographer

This is the documentation of a day spent with Waypoint Adventure, told in photos. 

Earlier this month I tagged along with Dan Minnich, one of the two co-founders of Waypoint Adventure, to photograph their surfing program. Waypoint Adventure is a wonderful non-profit organization here in Boston. They take youth and adults with disabilities (both mental and physical) on outdoor adventures in nature in order to help them realize their true potential. 

Dan and I left Boston at around 1:30 in the afternoon and drove to Hampton, NH. The program was scheduled from 4 - 6PM. We arrived early at Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Co., our destination and rallying point, to check in and make sure that the surf instructors and gear were all set and ready to go. The staff at Cinnamon Rainbows were excellent, very professional, friendly and welcoming.

It was a gorgeous day; the temps were in the mid 70's. And while the sun was out and bright earlier in the day, it became overcast and atmospheric by the time the surfing adventure began.

The adventurists and volunteers arrived by 4 o'clock. Dan gathered everyone together outside Cinnamon Rainbows to make introductions and to explain the surfing adventure that lay ahead. Each adventurist was then paired with a Waypoint Volunteer. 

Dan Minnich of Waypoint Adventure gathers everyone together

And they set off! The adventurists and volunteers walked a few blocks to the designated surfing area of the beach, where two Cinnamon Rainbows surf instructors were waiting. 

Dan and an adventurist walk to the beach

Everyone helped in carrying the surf boards down the entrance stairs to the beach... 

An adventurist (left) and a volunteer (right) carry a surf board down the stairs to the beach

Dan carries a surf board through the beach entrance

A volunteer (left) and an excited adventurist (right) strike a pose 

A volunteer helps an adventurist with his wetsuit.

Once the group arrived at the designated areathe surfing instruction began.  

A surf instructor from Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Co. teaches the Waypoint group

Dan shows the adventurists how to stand up on a surf board

After some practice time with the surf boards on the sand, it was time for the real deal. Off they went into the ocean to catch some waves. 

A Waypoint Volunteer leads an adventurist to the ocean

© 2013 Sarahmica Photography_Waypoint5.jpg

Dan Minnich directs the group

All of the adventurists were able to ride some waves! And a few were able to fully stand up on their boards!  

An elated Waypoint Adventurist stands up and rides a small wave while a volunteer runs after him 

High fives for that amazing ride!

Dan cheers on an adventurist

After a few hours of surfing, it was time to come in out of the water. As if on cue, the sun came out, casting a warm, golden glow over the entire beach.  

A Waypoint volunteer leads an adventurist out of the ocean and back to the shore

Waypoint co-founder, Dan Minnich, leads a proud adventurist out of the ocean and back to the shore

At the close of the program, Dan gathered everyone together on the beach for encouragement and an assessment of the accomplishments that were made by the adventurists that day. 

Dan Minnich encourages the adventurists at the end of the program

An adventurist and three volunteers laugh as they rehash the day

The Waypoint Group gathers together, thanking everyone who participated in the program

Dan listens as an adventurist expounds on his experiences from the day

I was honored to witness first hand the incredibly positive impact this organization makes in the lives of their adventurists. I strongly encourage support of this organization, either financially by donation, or physically by becoming a volunteer in one of their many exciting programs!

*Photo geek notes:  This was shot using only natural light, the quality of which as pretty amazing that day. I packed very light for this gig, using one camera body (5D Mark II) and two lenses (24mm f/1.4 and 135mm f/2.0).